Toy Inventor

For seven years I worked as a Designer at the leading toy invention firm, Meyer/Glass Design. I built and led design teams; served in several support capacities, ranging from graphic design, interactive prototypes, animation, and video/sound engineering. I played a key role in creating new concepts for toys and games for all ages and genders. The images below are toys and games that I have worked on which have all made it to the marketplace


Silly Six Pins - Hasbro Games

Silly Golf & Silly Soccer - Hasbro Games

DJ Battlemix - Pressman Toys

Fishy Business - Hasbro Games

Holey Moley- Milton Bradley

What Would Homer Do? - Hasbro

Lemonade Lisa - Unitrade

  • The images below are toys that have not made it to the marketplace.
    I have done all of the image prototyping as well as brainstorming many
    of the functions of each. Images are blurred to conceal trade secrets.